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Hearts, Minds and Paws - the Extraordinary Talents of Our Canine Partners

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Canine Partners in the UK is a registered charity which specializes in training and providing assistance dogs to people with disabilities. They use a program designed by Nina Bondarenko, a world renowned dog trainer who uses clicker training. Nina has recently written a book entitled "Hearts, Minds and Paws" to both inform and move us on the extraordinary talents of our canine partners.

The fully illustrated "coffe table" book features stories about working dogs, how they have changed the lives of the humans they serve, tips for training, and insights into how dogs use their senses in ways we struggle to understand.

Terry Knott, CEO of Canine Partners comments "We feel that any dog lover will be spellbound, intrigued and moved by the content of Hearts, Minds and Paws."

Canine Partners (www.c-p-i.org.uk) will receive 25% of proceeds from the sale of "Hearts, Minds and Paws".


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