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Fun video with full sized and miniature horses.

Hey all,

I'd love to have you see the training video I've posted on YouTube.





Until I can get it downloaded to Karen's site, here it the link:



Peggy Hogan

Love it

i love the video.. my name is hanaah i am 13 years old i own two miniature horses, Bob and Jasmine.. i make computer graphics and everything.. but my favorite thing is to go and play with my miniature horses, i ordered your videos and everything.. i have been saving up for a cuple of weeks to buy it with my baby sitting money but i hope it is worth it.. i bet it will be.. i saw your videos about 2 weeks ago when i was on youtube and i went to your site, your horses are so beautiful and they are so well trained.. i hope when i am older to train horses ( mostly minis ) and also go into breeding and stuff. i love the video and what you are doing.

Hanaah :-P

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Love it!

Great video; I'm sharing it!

Count me in for one of those people who really, really needed to know about clicker training back when riding.... I taught my competitive trail horse to sidepass in a few months. I clicked my Doberman to do it in about 7 minutes!

I still have a dream of getting back into horses and using the clicker for dressage, but I've made myself realize that I can't have a competitively-trained horse *and* high-maintenance Laev; I just don't have time and I'd short one or both. So that gets pushed back for now.

But someday, when Alexandra Kurland moves next door...!

Laura &

  • Ascomannis Laevatein YTT RL1 CD-H (www.clickertraining.com/blog/179)
  • Inky (couch dog!)
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Go for it Laura

Hey Laura,
Thanks for your post. Let me encourage you to play with horses any way you can. Even helping a friend clicker training their horse will benefit you and your "high-maintenance" dog training choices. You can always go for the gold with the horses on down the road, but the "cross training" is really fun.
Take care
Peggy Hogan

Great video

I really enjoyed that video. Very inspirational. Great work! Wish I had know about the clicker back in my "horsey-girl" days. Maybe I would still be involved in the horseworld today if I had.

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Think of all the lucky horses the have CT's now!

Hey Taysha, I think there are a lot of us "horsey-girls" that wish we had Clicker Training when we were first riding. I feel like I've finally found a life dream come true. The horses sure do appreciate the changes. :)

Peggy Hogan