Keeping Your Dog Happy at Thanksgiving

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Originally published: 11/23/2011
Keeping Your Dog Happy at Thanksgiving

With the hustle and bustle that comes with holidays, it’s easy to forget that all of the excitement can be stressful for our pets. Dogs jumping and begging at the Thanksgiving table can be stressful for us and for our guests, too!

Consider providing for your pet a safe, quiet space away from the commotion. That space should contain a bed, water, and calming music. Keep your dog busy with a bully stick or a treat-filled toy, such as a Kong. If your dog is anxious or barking in the crate or quiet area, try rewarding quiet, calm behavior by saying “good dog” in a soothing voice and/or dropping treats. (Please try to resist giving your dog Thanksgiving leftovers, which can be harmful to his digestive system.) Soon your dog will be as happy and relaxed as your guests after their Thanksgiving turkey!

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