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Karen's Letters

Stepping on the Food: A Memo from Karen

You're training "leave it." You drop a bit of food, the dog lunges toward it, and you cover it with your foot. Are you just managing the environment, or is this negative punishment, taking away something desired?

What is Microshaping, Anyway?

This month I'm welcoming a guest author to the Letter from Karen, British clicker training innovator Kay Laurence. Please enjoy this wonderful discussion of what Kay has dubbed "microshaping."—Karen Pryor

A Holiday Treat from Karen

My next book, Reaching the Animal Mind, will be published by Scribner in the fall of 2008. Here's my Christmas present to you: a story from the book.

ClickerExpo 2008: So Much to Offer

Another season of ClickerExpo is coming! In 2008, ClickerExpo will be in Los Angeles, California, February 1-3 and in Lexington, Kentucky, March 28-30.

Clicker Training on the Run

Many of us lead busy lives and there seems to be a perpetual shortage of time. That makes it easy for me to choose a topic to write about this month: How do you train your dog when you simply have no time?