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Clickin’ Chickens: How Training Chickens Helped Me Become Leader of the Peck

Trust the force

As a life-long fan of sci-fi movies, it brought a smile to my face to hear one of my training heroes say “Trust the force.”

Patriot Paws: Helping Dogs Help Heroes

Quiet and shy were the words used to describe Army veteran Scott Ramsey when he visited the service dog training program at a Texas state women’s prison. Scott had come to the prison to meet his new canine partner. 

KPCT Accepting Submissions for Canis Film Festival Video Contest

Over $500 in cash prizes and a video contract await the producers of top videos that showcase innovative and informative animal training featuring positive training methods. Everyone can qualify for entry, provided that each demonstrated trick or feat is achieved through force-free training methods, and submissions can feature any species.

Podcast: Excerpt from Agility Right From the Start by Emelie Johnson Vegh

Swedish authorities Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh have been teaching and competing in the exciting sport of canine agility since the early 90’s, using reinforcement technology to develop their teaching methods and reach new levels of teamwork. In this audio selection from their new book Agility Right from the Start, Emelie Johnson Vegh talks about how you can use the basic principles of classical and operant conditioning to teach your dog to do anything! To learn more about the powerful modern training system that has made them leading agility teachers in Norway and Sweden, order your copy of Agility Right from the Start today!

On Being a Changemaker

So you've become a clicker trainer! Naturally you are very excited. You want other people around you to stop using punishment-based methods and start clicking. So you introduce the clicker at your dog club or high school or wherever you are using it. And guess what: people not only don't change, they get mad at you.