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Eavesdropping at ClickerExpo

We just wrapped up another successful ClickerExpo in Dearborn, Michigan, and I am still on a high!

Confessions of an iPhone Addict: TAGteach and the Power of Choice

Communication addiction

My name is Emelie, and I’m an iPhonaholic.

The Creative Clicker: An Interview with Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Encouraging creativity—in all species

Clicker trainers know that one of the benefits of clicker training is that it fosters creativity in the learner. A cl

The Four “Fs” of Fear


It's autumn—the season of shorter nights, crackling leaves, the hunter's moon, and, of course, Halloween. Costumed creatures come to your door and scary monsters parade across your television screen. Maybe your pulse will quicken as you get reacquainted with Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and Boris Karloff, and maybe your hands will get sweaty. And maybe you'll see behavior in action.