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How to Fit Dog Training Into a Busy Schedule

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Training your dog every day can seem like a daunting task—as if you needed one more thing to do in your already busy life! Here's how you can fit training into your schedule every day.

Keep training sessions short

How short? Less than one minute is ideal. That's right—by keeping training sessions under one minute, the sessions are likely to be much more exciting for you and your dog.

How to Fit Dog Training Into a Busy Schedule

Train at meal times

You feed your dog at least once a day, twice if you're not leaving the food out, three times if you've got a puppy in the home. Just before you put the food down, snag 10 pieces of kibble and use those to work on a behavior. You have up to three training sessions already built into your schedule! Asking your dog to perform a behavior ("sit" is a popular choice!) just before the bowl is placed on the floor is yet another way to reinforce good behavior.

Train during commercials

We can't seem to escape advertisements and commercials. Instead of skipping past them, take the opportunity to work with your dog quickly. This suggestion goes hand-in-hand with our "keep it short" tip above! Once the commercial is over, reward yourselves with a snuggle!

Don't beat yourself up if you skip training for a day or two. Clicker training is not only fun, it's forgiving. You might even discover your dog performs better after the break! Have fun with each session and enjoy the reward of a happier, better-behaved pup!

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Through her business, Kahuna's K9s, Eryka Kahunanui, KPA CTP, offers dog-training services from basic manners to behavior consultations to tricks—for puppies and dogs of all ages. Among her multiple interests, Eryka enjoys working with kids and dogs and focusing on safety for all species.