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Get on the #TrainLikeThis

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How do you create a DESIRE to learn? That’s the question I grapple with, because the way we train is incredible—and we want more people using that method. Desire is the best starting place for learning because we are most open to new ideas when we are hungry for them. That’s what #TrainLikeThis is all about. We’re creating gorgeous celebration of our community in pictures and video, and an irresistible invitation to learn more.

With #TrainLikeThis we can astound people. Show them what will amaze them. Demonstrate unexpected ease and simplicity. Win and brag. Turn convention on its head. Show beauty, joy, and fun. Put it to music. Help connect the dots between means and ends. Create the reaction, “Wow I want that!”

#TrainLikeThis will lead people to video, pictures, and content that all promote the power of clicker training or, for those who prefer another phrasing, longhand, marker-based, positive reinforcement. Let’s make people curious and reel them in. What do I mean? Here a few awesome examples you can find on Instagram.

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With #TrainLikeThis we can also solve people’s problems—especially problems that they haven’t been able to solve. “My dog always fails in the weave poles,” “My dog jumps up on visitors,” or “My dog often pulls me down the street.” When you can help solve something that has eluded solution, you create a believer. People get curious, they ask questions, and a discussion ensues. For example, look at the beautiful picture and training tips offered to help someone with rear-paw stationing. Stand Tall and In All Your Colors

Plus, our training just a whole lot of fun, isn’t it? I love (and I suspect you do as well), seeing what our community is doing around the globe. So film it, describe it, document it, write it, promote it, or snap a picture and post it on social media with the hashtag #TrainLikeThis. Tag your Facebook posts, your tweets, and your Instagram. Let’s show the world what a little clicking can do.

ClickerExpo will be three days of “TrainLikeThis” moments. Come and create your own!

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Aaron Clayton is President of Karen Pryor Clicker Training and TAGteach International, and a member of the ClickerExpo Faculty.