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Fun & Handy Tricks

Video Contest! Wanted: Tail Wagging Talent and a Great Fish Shtick

Waltham, MA, September 30, 2008—American Idol meets Animal Planet! Karen Pryor Clickertraining (KPCT) is proud to announce a worldwide showcase for videos that demonstrate great animal training: the Canis Film Festival, where animals and their trainers are the newly discovered stars.

Click and Laugh: Fun Cat Tricks!

The idea of training cats is often met with a reaction of disbelief. Cats are prized for their independence and for their determination to do exactly as they please when they please. Surely cats do not want to be trained—and, if they did, they would insist on setting their own agenda. (They do, of course.)

An Easter Egg Hunt for Your Cat

Finding ways to keep an indoor cat entertained and active can be difficult. However, with a little creativity and a clicker, it's easy to come up with new and fun ways to enrich homebound animals.

Training Your Dog to Lie Down

Q: How do I train my dog to lie down?

Training Your Dog to Sit

Q: I'm trying to teach my dog to sit, but she's not really getting it quite right. What should I be doing?