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Fun & Handy Tricks

Exercising an Active Dog, Right at Home

Here's a quick clicker trick that gives dogs a lot of exercise without wearing out a person—useful when an owner's mobility is impaired, or if you're short on recreational space. Also useful for shelters and kennels.

Teach Your Cat to Play Piano

It's easy to teach a cat to play the piano; I've often done it in other people's houses, with their cat, as a sort of after-dinner amusement. Here's how.

Fun with Your Dog: Mushing on a Bike

Mushing with your dog is exciting—and a great workout for both of you. Here's everything you need to know in order to get started.

Chase the Dot: The Ultimate Cat Sport

Pet stores sell lots of interactive cat toys you can use to amuse your cat: feathers on springs, battery-operated mice, and so on. We sell a few toys of our own, too—the Kong Swizzle Bird Cat Toy, the Kitty Lure Caster, and the Cat Dancer. One of the best toys in the world for most cats, however, is the laser pointer, which you can get from any office supply store.

Dinnertime Fun—Tracking and Nose Work

Would you believe that your dog is capable of following a track left by a person and then finding that person at the end of the track—and that you can teach this skill without any extra training in the time it takes to feed him his normal daily meal?