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Fun & Handy Tricks

How to Use an Agility Table for Fun or Sport

Table tribute

Rally-FrEe: A Fun New Sport

Intriguing mix of learning and fun

Have you ever wished that you and your dog had as much fun competing in the ring as in training? Or, have you ever wished that your dog could cut loose and perform favorite tricks right in the middle of a competition, instead of repeating the same old exercises? A new dog sport where foundation training supports many of the other activities you do with your dog could be the answer. Try Rally-FrEe! (It's pronounced "rally free!")

Mission Impossible? How to Train "Never Ever" Behaviors

There is a popular term used on the Yahoo Training Levels group: "never ever" behaviors. This refers to seemingly impossible behaviors that the trainer thinks will "never ever" be trained. The funny thing is, they almost always end up being achieved!

How to Train Your Dog to Find a Lost Pet

Editor’s note: You may have heard of search and rescue dogs that find people, but there are search and rescue dogs that find pets, too!

What? Train a Rabbit?

Rabbits are furry and lovable, of course; quirky and silly, sometimes; full of energy and mischief, undoubtedly; but trainable? You bet! You're probably training your rabbit without even realizing it. Is he litter-box trained? Does he come to see you when you go to his cage? Then you've already taken your first steps.