Five Reasons Why Horse Owners Will Love ClickerExpo

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  1. A Guided Journey
  2. In the world of horse training, positive training methods and certainly clicker training are still in the minority. At ClickerExpo we share and explore positive training practices, cultural struggles, and more. For leadership we have top equine trainers like Jen Digate, Alexandra Kurland, Natalie Zielinski, Peggy Hogan, as well as leaders in behavioral science research and practice like Susan Friedman and Jesús Rosales-Ruiz. We recognize that many horse trainers are, on a journey of exploration and we have courses that will help you find your way, at your pace.

  3. The Science of It
  4. ClickerExpo is based on the science of how animals learn. That’s a big deal in a field like equine training where many training practices are handed down by tradition and mentoring. But with clicker training, the practices that define effective, excellent training are rooted in science so the “rules” don’t change and anyone with a desire to learn them, can. And don’t start yawning. With over 13 years of teaching at ClickerExpo, we make the science behind clicker training exciting and fun to learn. It’s our own version of “ground work.”

    ClickerExpo 2016
    Cincinnati, OH, March 18-20
  5. Trailer Loading and Other Miracles
  6. Often we appreciate with greater depth, the beauty of a better way when we’ve struggled ourselves in the old way. At ClickerExpo, you can see the beauty and power of clicker training in four contexts that beautifully illustrate the contrast between old and new: trailer loading, equine rehabilitation, foal raising and wild horses. Each of these courses show how to transform struggle into partnership. It may seem like a miracle, but in fact it’s just good clicker training.

  7. The Exceptional Routine
  8. The way we interact with our horses on a daily basis can profoundly and positively impact our relationship. Clicker training husbandry behaviors, for example, can provide not just the opportunity for better care but for a better relationship. In these two courses, Jen Digate, shows how in clicker training, the routine is often the foundation for the exceptional.

  9. Advancement for the Advanced
  10. Equine trainers who are well down the bridle path in their understanding and use of clicker training can enjoy both advanced courses on behavior topics as well “in saddle” training topics at CickerExpo. Saddle Savvy Reinforcement focuses on how you teach others excellent riding technique and includes immersion to the human-human side of clicker training behavior. Peggy Hogan’s When the Floor is Food: Training through Distraction shouldn’t be missed. I can summarize that course simply enough: I like to stop and eat. The problem is, so does my horse. It turns out that horses can learn, without being reprimanded or physically coerced, that there is a time to graze and a time to focus. Enjoy. Here’s a select list of courses for experienced equine clicker trainers:

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