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The newly-improved KPCT training events calendar is now a user-friendly community tool. Events are searchable by date, location, and speaker. ClickerExpo faculty members list their events here — including Karen Pryor, Emma Parsons, Virginia Broitman, Kathy Sdao, and others. You can list your clicker training events here, too, for free!*

*Note that events incorporating "positive punishment" or the use of aversives will not be listed.

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15 top faculty members plus hands-on sessions

Healing the Aggressive Dog with Emma Parsons

Clicker Training Principles Applied to Humans.

Dog training seminars for beginners and experts

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This calendar is provided for the convenience of those interested in finding clicker training related events. WIth the exception of Featured Events like Clicker Expo, the events listed should not be construed as necessarily being endorsed by Karen Pryor or KPCT. You should research the seminars and presenters yourself to make an informed decision about your attendance.