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Easy Tips for Happy Vet and Groomer Visits

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Easy Tips for Happy Vet and Groomer Visits

If you have a puppy, or a shy, fearful dog, or a dog that dislikes going to the vet or groomer, try bringing high-value treats for your next appointment. Another idea is to go for “happy visits” between actual appointments. Getting a weight and saying hello to staff without being poked with needles and handled in scary places can help build a pup’s confidence. Most animal hospitals welcome social visits.


About the author

With a passion for animal behavior expressed through work with multiple species (including birds, rabbits, horses, and dolphins) and experience as a veterinary technician, Johanna Fiskbäck Matthews now runs her own dog-training business, Hope for Canines. At Hope for Canines, named for Johanna's "soul dog," Hope, Johanna focuses on positive learning and on improving communication between humans and dogs of all ages, stages, temperaments and interests.