ClickerExpo Luminos | Conference Programme

Inspiration for ClickerExpo Luminos

The science of behaviour change and animal training grew up separately. Like first cousins separated by culture and language, they knew one another, but didn't get to see each other very often. Karen Pryor’s Don’t Shoot the Dog planted the seeds for a giant reunion by linking the two disciplines.

Over the years, pioneering trainers like Karen Pryor, Ken Ramirez, Kathy Sdao, and Michele Pouliot have used behavioural science to inform, refine, and extend their training across species. Pioneering behavioural scientists like Susan G. Friedman, Ph.D and Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz informed their research and teaching with the practices of the world’s best clicker trainers.

For the last 15 years top trainers, scientists, and animal caregivers have mixed together at ClickerExpo to create a wealth of knowledge about science and positive reinforcement. Now, welcome to an evolution of ClickerExpo, exclusive to the UK in 2018... Luminos. Let the light of our community shine in.

What is Luminos?

Luminos is a deftly coordinated exploration of the relationship between the science and the practice of training by the leading voices in those fields.

Delve into the ideas that are most critical to successful training and most subject to misunderstanding, even by experienced trainers. Learn where training practices are both under-explored and undergirded by behavioural science. Experience how intelligent discussion and debate are handled by professionals who respect each other. See how science and practice can work together to clarify our understanding of a topic. Work effectively with nuance. See how it all comes all together with the illumination of ClickerExpo Luminos.

Sample Daily Schedule

Subject to change.

Theme 1: Emotions

o Science Lead Off: We will explore how we understand emotions through the lens of applied behaviour analysis.

o Training Perspective: A facilitated discussion of emotions in the practice of training and behaviour change and the relationship of science to practice.

o Q & A:  Questions from the audience

o Live Demonstration: Some of the themes will lead to a live demonstration conducted by a faculty member.


Lunch Break 



Theme 2 : Are Errors Necessary?

o Training Lead Off: We will explore what role, if any, do errors play in learning, in building resiliency and reliable performance?

o Science Perspective: A facilitated discussion of the behavioural science perspective on errors and learning and its relationship to the training practices of all faculty.

o Q & A: Questions from the audience

o  Live Demonstration: Some of the themes will lead to a live demonstration conducted by a faculty member.


Evening Event 


Join us for three days of illumination! Registration opens on December 1.