Courses for Beginners at ClickerExpo 2018

If you are new to clicker training (even if you are very experienced in other dog-related areas), we have created a crackerjack Foundation Curriculum just for you. The Foundation Curriculum maps out recommended courses for all three days at ClickerExpo, with a productive mix of Learning Labs and Sessions. Equine trainers new to clicker training can assume that our recommendations are just as useful for you unless otherwise noted.

Please refer to the narrative description Should Beginners Come to ClickerExpo? for additional information about attending ClickerExpo as a novice.

There are so many opportunities to learn at ClickerExpo—and not just within the scheduled Sessions and Learning Labs. Book your spot at the Networking Roundtable Lunches in SoCal or St. Louis and you’ll join discussions and share knowledge and insight with other attendees as you connect on topics of mutual interest!

Day 1

* Shaping is a critical component of clicker training. We recommend that you attend the Session and the Lab on Building Behavior: Shape the Future. If you are bringing your dog, this is a great time to reserve a working spot in the Shape the Future - In Action Lab.

This evening, join other attendees for our 15th Anniversary Prize-A-Palooza in SoCal or St. Louis. This will be a great opportunity to meet others and start the weekend off right. Remember that you’ll need to book evening and lunch-time events in advance.

Day 2

* The Train That Chain Lab is an intermediate-skill Lab; Foundational students may attend, but without a dog.

** Appropriate Lab for those interested in canine and equine work.

This evening, join us for a lovely meal and a glass of wine along with inspiration and lively conversation. The seated dinner will feature a facilitated panel discussion among members of the ClickerExpo faculty and provide attendees the opportunity to ask questions of faculty members and network with each other.

Day 3

There is so much more! Check out the full conference program, featuring more than 80 courses. View program for SoCal, St. Louis


Now that you know what Sessions and Labs are right for you, you’re ready to register and reserve your place today! SoCal, St. Louis