ClickerExpo Denmark 2017 | Bringing a Dog

Dogs in Denmark

Tourists travelling with their dogs have no reason to be anxious about visiting Denmark. Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Germany all receive a high rating of “B” in the non-profit World Animal Protection organization’s Animal Protection Index; only the UK and Austria receive “A” ratings.

However, travelers to Denmark should know that several dog breeds are not allowed into Denmark and several other European countries, and that Danish people take dog-biting of other dogs or people seriously, with specific procedures for reported cases.

If you are traveling from another country and plan to bring your dog to ClickerExpo, make sure to click here for more information.

Dogs at ClickerExpo

Bringing your dog to ClickerExpo is entirely your decision. With or without your dog, you’ll have an incredible experience. Here are some things to think about:

  • You'll have plenty of company. About one third of attendees come with their dogs. You won't feel out of place no matter which decision you make.
  • Consider "sharing" a dog. Come with a friend and bring one dog between you. There will be less management work for each of you—and it’s fun and educational to work with an animal that you may not know so well.
  • What's best for you? Some people learn best by listening, watching carefully, and absorbing. Others learn best if they can practice right then and there. If you fall in the latter category, you will get more out of ClickerExpo if you are able to work with a dog as you learn. The Learning Labs allow you to work with your dog and practice new skills.
  • What's best for your dog? Dogs have long days at ClickerExpo, with most of the time spent indoors in close proximity to other dogs and with limited activity. Will your dog be comfortable and safe with others in this environment?

Going potty at ClickerExpo

  • Dogs are allowed to potty in the hotel’s designated outdoor areas only.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog. Bring plenty of waste disposal bags, as the hotel does not provide them, or you can purchase bags at the ClickerExpo store.
  • Please dispose of dog waste in trash cans located in the doggie area. Do not dispose of dog waste in any cans at the entrance to the hotel or inside the hotel.
  • Please watch your dog carefully. Hotels have zero tolerance for urination or defecation inside the building. Any damage fees will be assessed by the hotel and fined directly to the individual responsible.
  • Report any violations to the ClickerExpo Registration Desk so that we may address the problem quickly.

Dog rules, guides, and etiquette

  • Kindly watch this video about dog safety at ClickerExpo!
  • Dogs must be quiet, under control, and leashed at all times.
  • Dogs must be crated in your hotel room when left unattended.
  • In the hotel rooms, dogs should be kept happy and quiet. If there is a noise complaint, you will be given one verbal warning by hotel staff. A second offense will result in the cancellation of your hotel room, and your dog deposit will not be refunded.
  • If you are a hotel guest bringing a dog, please familiarize yourself with the hotel policy for pet deposits or fees.
  • Upon check-in, please provide your mobile number to the hotel so that you can be contacted about your dog if necessary.
  • To protect meeting room floors, dogs must be on a mat or pillow that you provide.

When out and about

If it is important to you that your dog remains with you at all times, including in the main conference room. Please observe the following recommendations:

  • Please do not bring multiple dogs.
  • Keep your dog out of the aisles and pathways.
  • Tend to your dog's needs before your own.
  • Bring a water bowl with you to all Sessions and Labs.
  • Keep the area around your chair picked up and tidy.
  • Keep your leash short enough that your dog cannot rush up to strange dogs and sniff or try to play with them.
  • Please do not crowd elevator doors when waiting for the elevator with your dog. A dog getting off the elevator would face a large crowd when the doors open, which could result in unwanted confrontation.
  • Please do not use leash corrections, or scold or punish your dog in public; it frightens the clicker trained dogs and offends staff and faculty. We also ask that you not use any dominance-based training equipment such as choke chains and pinch collars.
  • Please report any dog manner problems to the ClickerExpo Registration Desk immediately so that we may address the problem quickly.

Any dog that is disruptive or behaves in an aggressive manner as determined by event staff will be requested to leave the room.

Dog Safety Video

Bringing your Dog to ClickerExpo? Watch this quick video for some key safety tips to ensure a tail-wagging conference experience. Your dog will thank you!