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Wikipedia, anyone?

Has everyone read the "definition" of clicker training as it appears in Wikipedia?

Clicker training - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Operant conditioning - chickens and dogs

From the Daily News in Longview, Washington: "The chickens had to walk up a ladder to a platform and walk across a balance beam to another platform. Then they had to count -- walk two times around a post in the center" before returning to beam and platform, "turning 180 degrees and going down the ladder to a table" where they had to "peck a blue bowling pin off the edge. They had to choose between red and blue," Haderly said. "And they had to do all these steps on one command: 'Go!' "

Clicking with horses in the news

Clicker training is featured this week on the website of The Horse magazine,
www.the Which bills itself as "The latest news and in-depth,
veterinarian-approved articles on equine health care."

Animal rescuers have good weekend at festival 06/30/05

Festival, adoption, and clicker training to boot.

Animal rescuers have good weekend at festival 06/30/05