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"Clicking with Canines" Press in Binghamton, NY

Steve Benjamin of Clicking with Canines sent us a great piece from the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin that discusses clicker training in depth. Unfortunately, the newspaper's website archives all articles over 7 days, so I can't link directly to it, but here are some highlights:

Setting the dog training story straight in the local news

This story of clicker training in the news comes from a ClickerExpo attendee who, well, I'll let her describe it: Below is a link to an article which recently ran in our local paper. The catch is, although I am clicker trainer, clickers are not directly mentioned. I was responding to a previous article promoting Bark Busters and their philosophy stressing the importance of insuring your dominance over the dog. The article also stressed how it is so unnecessary to give your dog treats to get him to respond.

TAGteach co-founder wins APDT award

Joan Orr, M.Sc., ClickerExpo faculty member and TAGteach co-founder, has won an award from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Joan's paper, "Talk to the Animals: Clicker Training as a Communication Tool," won a Dogwise John Fisher Scholarship 2005 award. Congratulations, Joan!

Preview: Clicker Training Events Calendar

We're pleased to announce a sneak preview of our new Clicker Training Events Calendar, a searchable database of clicker training and TAGteaching events where you can post your own events for free, or find events near you at any time.

Town Recreation Dept sponsors clicker classes

Boston, August 12: The town of Brookline, in Boston, is offering clicker classes for small dogs, under 20 lbs. Learn to come, sit, etc. with clicker and target, plus tackling the special needs of small dogs, from housebreaking to ankle nipping. Nice to see a township sponsoring such a well-planned clicker program. For more info go to

Interesting new research on operant conditioning

These are abstracts of recent studies on applied behavior and the neurologic impact of positive reinforcement training. Especially interesting to see that the stress hormones of lab animals trained with forceful or punitive methods skew research results. Positive reinforcement training not only makes it easier to work with and care for the animals, but keeps test results clean from physiologic stress.

ClickerExpo receives CEU accreditation from IAABC

ClickerExpo has received CEU accreditation from the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants). Attendees at ClickerExpo can earn up to

Do you train assistance dogs? A new clicker newsletter for you

Paws-Up, Inc., in Mulvane, Kansas, produces workbooks, handouts, and other products for people clicker training assistance or therapy dogs. Their quarterly newsletter, "A Pawsitive Canine Experience," contains useful articles, plus research briefs, references to current research papers, and recommended online links. ClickerExpo faculty members Virginia Broitman and Debi Davis are contributing authors, and the current issue (Summer 2005) features Karen Pryor's piece "On Being a Changemaker."