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Better Together at ClickerExpo

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The title of our newest book Better Together: The Collected Wisdom of Modern Dog Trainers, is also the perfect description of my recent experience at ClickerExpo. Better Together. I know that it sounds trite. But I felt wiser, more skilled, and more joyful while in our community of positive reinforcement trainers. In previous blogs, I’ve described how ClickerExpo uniquely fuses the elements that psychologists associate with happiness. And here it was again, maybe at an unprecedented level, because of the energy potential created with nearly 600 people in attendance.

After the conference had ended, I wondered if I had drunk my own Electric Kool-Aid. I checked in with our tremendously experienced ClickerExpo faculty members. “This ClickerExpo rocked,” one faculty member told me. “Something special here,” added another. Maybe it wasn’t just me after all. Then again, we could have all been drinking from the same pitcher (we share food and drink frequently).

A few days after the conference ended, I took a detailed look at the feedback and comments. As it turns out, our attendees summarized ClickerExpo better than I could. Here's what they had to say:

“Very applicable and inspiring. I learned about new ideas while my understanding of old ideas was revolutionized. The community is loving and supportive. Every day of the conference I struck up conversations with total strangers, and they were all curious, open-minded, intelligent people who loved to exchange ideas and make connections. I reconnected with people I already knew and I made new connections with people I hope to follow up with in the future. I came away energized!”
“I am always blown away by the brilliance, wisdom, generosity, compassion, and integrity of the ClickerExpo presenters. This year was no exception. This ClickerExpo really stands out because of how many scary events are happening in the world around us. It felt like a much-needed respite from the news, especially as we were surrounded by so many wonderful people being kind and generous to one another and to dogs. I am so grateful for the experience!”
ClickerExpo Stamford
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“It is just THE BEST and MOST REWARDING LEARNING ENVIRONMENT, as well as a great chance to network with others in various areas of interest in the dog training/rescue world.”
“ClickerExpo provides state-of-the-art information about positive reinforcement treatment in a friendly and supportive environment for professionals and lay people alike. Where else can you attend a lecture in the morning, then sit next to the lecturer during lunch? What a treat!”
“When it comes to dog-training conferences, it's the best one. The caliber of speakers is reason enough, but I especially appreciate the overall non-judgmental attitude the staff takes toward trainers who may not be fully crossed over or involved in clicker training yet.”
“The caliber of instruction and the focus on key elements that make teaching more successful are the best aspects. I also appreciate news of amazing work being done by leaders in the field of animal training. The variety of presentations available to select from is stellar!”
“Lots to learn for all levels. Great culture of inclusivity and support. I'd researched and studied quite a bit, but some things you need explained to you, or the opportunity to try with feedback, or just hear in a new way (and all of these learning methods were available at ClickerExpo) before they click...”

So, there you have it. Join us at ClickerExpo Stamford. Let’s be better together, once again. Register for ClickerExpo Stamford, March 31-April 2.

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Aaron Clayton is President of Karen Pryor Clicker Training and TAGteach International, and a member of the ClickerExpo Faculty.