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Five Reasons Behavioral Science Nerds Love ClickerExpo

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Although ClickerExpo is not strictly a scientific conference, its Sessions and Labs often have a scientific focus and always have a scientific basis. If you are a behavior nerd and proud of it, you’ll feel right at home. Here are the top five reasons why: #5 We Live On the Edge. The leading edge. That’s a trite phrase unless there’s a track record to back it up. And we have it! Groundbreaking concepts and terminology that are now part of our training lexicon were introduced or popularized at ClickerExpo by ClickerExpo faculty members. Will you be there for the breakthroughs of 2018? #4 Doctors Are In the House! Dr. Susan Friedman and Dr. Jesús Rosales Ruiz anchor the behavioral science discussions at ClickerExpo, but other faculty members are not left out. Kathy Sdao is a doctor, too, but she never uses that title; Ken Ramirez knows his science backward, forward, and upside down. Eva Bertilsson practically lives on research and Laura VanArendonk Baugh is insulted if you don't declare her a member the nerd kingdom! And, those are just some of the self-declared nerds. We also have nerds who don’t even realize that they are!

Even baby nerds get to fly high

#3 Fly, Baby Nerds, Fly! Although most of our pure behavioral science courses are at an advanced level, core concepts are built into all of our Foundational courses as well. Even baby nerds get to fly high. #2 No Sacred “Rats.” We’re proud of the fact that clicker training is grounded in behavioral science. With science in our blood, we go back and examine what others might take for granted or assume is true. Science pushes forward and so do we.

#1 Off the Cuff: Ramirez and Friedman Talk Training, Science & Nerdy Stuff Need I say more? Take two of the most thoughtful, experienced, and learned folks at Expo, put them on stage, and see what the gods bring us! If that doesn’t get your inner nerd spirit dancing, you are reading the wrong blog post. Bottom line: You are not alone. ClickerExpo is full of people just like you. Our scientists even have groupies. Join them and be not ashamed! Registration Is Now Open. ClickerExpo Southern California, ClickerExpo St. Louis  P.S. Looking for specific course recommendations? Nerd out with these 2018 courses.

For Baby Nerds

  In Europe? Nerd out next fall at ClickerExpo Luminos

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Aaron Clayton is President of Karen Pryor Clicker Training and TAGteach International, and a member of the ClickerExpo Faculty.