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On My Mind: Adventures in Panama

What’s your escape?

Loose-Leash Walking: Part One

Age-old issue

Walking is a natural behavior for dogs, so what is the big deal about teaching them to walk nicely on a leash? It shouldn’t be that hard, should it?

Yet dog trainers all over the world always have clients with this problem (almost single-handedly guaranteeing the trainers’ job security!). Leash-pulling is a problem that even some of the best trainers are unable to solve for their clients, despite the latest and greatest “no-pull” equipment that offers a helping hand.

How to Use an Agility Table for Fun or Sport

Table tribute

On My Mind: ClickerExpo in Norfolk, Virginia—This Friday!

I can hardly wait! Let me tell you a bit about what to expect:

New themes

Rally-FrEe: A Fun New Sport

Intriguing mix of learning and fun

Have you ever wished that you and your dog had as much fun competing in the ring as in training? Or, have you ever wished that your dog could cut loose and perform favorite tricks right in the middle of a competition, instead of repeating the same old exercises? A new dog sport where foundation training supports many of the other activities you do with your dog could be the answer. Try Rally-FrEe! (It's pronounced "rally free!")

Therapy Dog Training: Becoming a Therapeutic Team

Molly plays to her strength

I teach therapy dog training classes, but that's a bit of a misnomer. The classes are not dog training classes in the traditional sense. They are really all about relationship-building, developing partnerships that will enhance the well-being of others.

Consider the following:

Molly trots down the hallway between me and a student. Intermittently, she glances up at me and toward the student who holds her leash. Molly and I are in the process of teaching a high school student with autism how to use a visual schedule (pictures listing a series of activities). Nearing the end of the hallway, we enter the classroom.

On My Mind: Too Many Birds

Bird friends

Creating a Positive Partnership with Your Dog Trainer

Act on your positive decision

If you have welcomed a new dog into your home, or realized that an existing canine family member could use some behavior polish, deciding to work with a professional dog trainer may be one of this year's resolutions. Selecting someone to work with you and your beloved pet is a serious process, requiring research, testimonials and recommendations, and perhaps some observation of the leading candidates. Even when you have chosen the positive trainer that best fits your needs, outlook, and schedule, there is still work to be done. A little advance preparation will go a long way toward creating the smooth and easy partnership you are looking to form with your dog trainer.