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Continuing the Clicker Legacy: A Conversation with Ken Ramirez

“Animals deserve the best care that we can possibly provide.” That is the philosophy of 35-year animal training veteran and creative teacher and consultant, Ken Ramirez. Having worked with a dizzying number of species, including overseeing the care and training of more than 1500 species at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, Ken has developed a reputation for his ability to train any animal to do anything.

A Tribute to Listo—and Michele

A busy and talented clicker friend

On My Mind: A Fresh Start

Happy fall—a time for change and new ventures

Five Questions to Ask Before Starting a Dog Training Business

Odds against a dream come true

Every year I meet a lot of people who dream of starting a dog training business.

On My Mind: Too Many Butterflies

From about age nine through thirteen I collected and studied butterflies. My interest was intense; I might well have grown up to be an entomologist.

How to Teach Canine Nail Trims with a Team Approach

On My Mind: How to Write a Scientific Paper

Publish: the process and the peers