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KPA Tip of the Day: Warm Up Your Dog Before Training Session

Your dog needs to be alert and focused on you for learning to take place. Try this test before you start a training session. Click and drop treats at your feet.

KPA Tip of the Day: Potty Training Woes and Coprophagia

There are many reasons you should avoid punishing your dog or puppy if you find an "accident" in your house.

KPA Tip of the Day: Never Stop Training

This 2011 holiday season, my husband and I travelled a lot. I watched friends and family members ask their dogs to do behaviors they’ve never actually taught their dogs to do. The part that baffles me the most is that they truly expected their dogs to perform behaviors like “Get out of the kitchen!” “Stop begging!” and “Stop barking at the doorbell!”

KPA Tip of the Day: Start Easy and Work Your Way Up

Any time you teach your pet a new behavior, you should start in the most boring and controlled environment possible.

Dangerous Delights: Holiday Treats Your Dog Should Avoid

Holiday hazards

As the holidays approach, homes begin to fill with holiday treats, treats intended for the humans who live there. Often these same homes host visitors who are not dog-savvy. The result is a scenario that could poison your dog.

a dog and a cat eating the milk and cookies left out for santa

Approximately 100,000 dogs are poisoned yearly, and ingesting people food is the third-largest cause of these poisonings. Canine companions may look cute as they ask politely for a bite of your chocolate cake, or a chip covered in guacamole. It's important to remember that dog metabolism is different from human metabolism. What is perfectly safe for people can be dangerous, and sometimes fatal, for our dogs.

Meet the Winners of the KPCT 2011 Trick and Treat Photo Contest!

KPCT is proud to announce the winners of our 2011 Trick and Treat Photo Contest. These tricksters demonstrated clever and creative ways to earn their Halloween treats.

5 Tips for Training Your Dog to Come When Called at the Dog Park


Dog parks can be a wonderful way for your dog to enjoy off-leash time and play. However, when the wrong dogs collide, dog parks can also be dangerous.