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Notes from ClickerExpo: A Warm Welcome Home

There were hugs. Lots of them. And not the brisk ”Let’s get this out of the way quickly before someone sees” hug. The warm, genuine variety!

KPA Tip of the Day: Harness Your Dog's Energy!

Do you have a dog that loves to pull? During a casual walk this can be frustrating, but there are many dog-powered sports where pulling is a plus!

KPA Tip of the Day: Tire Out Your Dog Before Your Walk

Many people use walks to provide their dogs exercise and to promote calm, well-mannered behavior.

KPA Tip of the Day: Ready…Set…for Groomer and Vet!

Visiting the veterinarian’s office can be a tense experience, for both the owner and the dog, especially if the environment has stressful associations and outcomes.

KPA Tip of the Day: How to Teach Door Manners

Teach your dog that an open door is not an open invitation to the outside world. 

KPA Tip of the Day: ACK! Dog in Your Face!

What can you do with a young dog that climbs up on your lap, pawing at your face for attention? Teach him about your personal “bubble.”

KPA Tip of the Day: Say Your Pet's Name Before Giving a Cue

Sometimes people are distracted when we talk to them, and don't notice that we have spoken. The same thing happens with our pets.

KPA Tip of the Day: Why Can’t I Just Use Words?

Q: What is the best word to substitute for a clicker?