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Making Friends: Socializing Your Puppy

New puppy? Congratulations!

What to Do When “Come” Won’t Cut It: The Emergency Recall Cue

This month’s Clicker Classic article, Training a Steadfast Recall, explains step-by-step how to teach a recall.

Mother’s Day Food for Thought: The “Aw Phenomenon”

Why are humans suckers for puppies? What makes us go all gooey when we see babies? In The Other End of the Leash, new this month in the store, Patricia McConnell says that puppies, babies, and other animals that depend on adults for survival have anatomical features that elicit caretaking from adults. These features, McConnell says, call forth a reaction that is so hardwired and universal that psychologists have dubbed it the “aw phenomenon.”

You Don’t Have to Be a Magician to Teach Your Rabbit Tricks!

Have you ever seen a rabbit do tricks that didn’t involve a wand or black hat?

Thinking About Adopting a Rabbit this Easter? Consider This!

With the release of the movie Hop earlier this month, and with Easter right around the corner, it’s no surprise that rabbits have become popular pets. Rabbits are awfully cute and make excellent companions, but they are also a big commitment and require special care. Many families are not prepared to provide the time and care that rabbits require; the rabbits that seemed so irresistible at Easter are often abandoned by summer.

Fish Training Experiment Goes Swimmingly!

Carol Miller shared this fantastic story of how her neighbor’s eighth-grade son, Michael, trained his angel fish to swim through a hoop. Inspired by Karen Pryor’s account of how she trained her Oscar fish in Reaching the Animal Mind, Michael used what he learned to develop a science project that won first place at his school’s science fair.

A Fish-Tastic Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

Many dogs have an affinity for fish, which is why we wanted to share this simple dog treat recipe submitted by Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP) Marie Devaney. Marie’s dog-training clients love this recipe because it makes a ton of treats that are easy to handle, don’t crumble, and freeze well! The “fudge” is great to use as a training reward or “anytime” treat!

Piper the Basketball-Playing Beagle Makes a Slam Dunk

The Canis Film Festival may be over, but Co-Grand Prize Winner Tonji Stewart and her basketball-playing beagle Piper continue to rule the air…or, in