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To Err Is Canine

Training your dog is one of the activities that will enrich your bond the most, but it can also be very frustrating.

Top 10 Things to Consider Before Bringing Your Human to ClickerExpo

Nessie, my miniature poodle offers this advice for dogs who are planning to bring their humans to ClickerExpo!

Finding Those Training Moments

My students are anti-homework, so I suggest they find time throughout the day for training moments.

The “Red Light, Green Light” Game

The "Red Light, Green Light" game can be a great game to control excited, screaming children who are running away from a silly, nipping puppy. Stop the kids then stop the dog.

Teach Your Dog to Love a Muzzle!

Muzzle merit

Stop, Watch, Wait, Reward

Our dogs train us because they have better observation skills and more patience. They can tell by our body language when we are about to give in!

Too Young to Train…Or Is He?

Congratulations on your new Christmas puppy! He is just a baby. Everything he does is cute because he is so small.

Stubborn Dog? It May Be the Environment

When you work with your dog, try to see a situation from his perspective. Instead of assuming your dog is being stubborn when you ask for, and don’t get, a sit, look at the environment.