Clicker Training Blog

KPA Tip of the Day: ACK! Dog in Your Face!

What can you do with a young dog that climbs up on your lap, pawing at your face for attention? Teach him about your personal “bubble.”

KPA Tip of the Day: Say Your Pet's Name Before Giving a Cue

Sometimes people are distracted when we talk to them, and don't notice that we have spoken. The same thing happens with our pets.

KPA Tip of the Day: Why Can’t I Just Use Words?

Q: What is the best word to substitute for a clicker?

KPA Tip of the Day: No More Chasing Your Dog at the Dog Park

If your dog evades you and avoids being caught when you call him, here are two ways to teach him that coming right up to you is the best thing to do.

KPA Tip of the Day: Food Bowl Training

At least twice every day, there are more than 50 reinforcers in one place, reinforcers that we often forget to use—the dog’s dinner bowl.

KPA Tip of the Day: Warm Up Your Dog Before Training Session

Your dog needs to be alert and focused on you for learning to take place. Try this test before you start a training session. Click and drop treats at your feet.

KPA Tip of the Day: Potty Training Woes and Coprophagia

There are many reasons you should avoid punishing your dog or puppy if you find an "accident" in your house.

KPA Tip of the Day: Never Stop Training

This 2011 holiday season, my husband and I travelled a lot. I watched friends and family members ask their dogs to do behaviors they’ve never actually taught their dogs to do. The part that baffles me the most is that they truly expected their dogs to perform behaviors like “Get out of the kitchen!” “Stop begging!” and “Stop barking at the doorbell!”