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5 Tips for Training Your Dog to Come When Called at the Dog Park


Dog parks can be a wonderful way for your dog to enjoy off-leash time and play. However, when the wrong dogs collide, dog parks can also be dangerous.

Karen Pryor Clickertraining's Thoughts on the End of the Premier Brand

 Radio Systems Corporation (RSC) has announced that it will be folding in its Premier line of products under its PetSafe brand beginning in October 2012, ending the Premier line as a separate brand and product line.

We wish that RSC were not taking this action. The separation of the Premier products and the RSC products was important to Premier's founder, Sharon Madere, to her team, and to many leading advocates of force-free training—us among them. RSC is one of the leading producers of electric shock collars. It's a huge business for them. RSC now wants to be "training method neutral" in its approach to marketing and product development. We don't share that philosophy. We, along with you, have worked long and joyously to educate professionals and pet owners on force-free training and its benefits over training methods based on  punishment and correction. We think RSC's decision and actions will harm, not help, that cause.

How to Reward Calm Behavior

Most of us never consider rewarding our dogs when they are calm, but did you know that by not rewarding calm behavior you may be missing an important training opportunity?

5 Steps to Train Your Dog to “Go to Place”

What if instead of jumping around like a lunatic when the doorbell rings, your dog waits politely in a down position? Or, instead of circling the dinner table like a shark, your dog lies quietly in the other room? Training a dog to go to a specific place is one of the most useful behavior/skills/tasks/commands/accomplishments/lessons. In the following exercise from her bestselling book, Control Unleashed, Leslie McDevitt explains how you can teach your dog the command “go to place.”

Help Your Dog Keep His Cool!

Nothing beats an icy treat on a hot day, so why not give your canine some cool relief?

Laugh and Your Dog Laughs With You

Have you ever laughed at something silly that your dog did, only to have that behavior repeated again…and again…and again? This isn’t a coincidence.

Click and Cool: Karen Pryor’s Tips for Summer Fun with Your Pet

Finally—summertime and summer weather!