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Working Like a Dog: Tips for Celebrating “Take Your Dog to Work Day!”

As our beloved companions, dogs already have important roles in our lives.

Dog Bite Prevention Week: Learn to Tell the Tale from the Tail

Which wag?

One of the biggest misconceptions that we hear about dog body language is:

“The dog must be happy because he is wagging his tail.”

Dog Bite Prevention Week: How to Interpret Your Dog's Body Language

Dogs are giving us information all the time about how they are feeling and what they might do next.

Dog Bite Prevention Week: Get Off Your Bike if a Dog Chases You

Making it worse?

We are often asked, “What should I do if a dog chases me or my kids while we are riding our bikes?”

Dog Bite Prevention Week: Dogs Don't Like Hugs


A different kind of love

Dog Bite Prevention Week: “Be a Tree”


Dogs and kids—and trees!

A(nother) Toast to My Mom, Karen Pryor, on Her 80th Birthday

Enjoy this enlightening and heartfelt letter that Karen's daughter, Gale Pryor, wrote in celebration of her mother's recent 80th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Karen Pryor!

Today is a special day to celebrate Karen Pryor, but for days and years she has given us so much to celebrate.