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Laugh and Your Dog Laughs With You

Have you ever laughed at something silly that your dog did, only to have that behavior repeated again…and again…and again? This isn’t a coincidence.

Click and Cool: Karen Pryor’s Tips for Summer Fun with Your Pet

Finally—summertime and summer weather!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Dad’s Best Friend

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show thanks for all that Dad does.

Help for Leash Aggression

Do you have a dog that barks or lunges when encountering other dogs? Leash aggression is a very common behavior problem.

Muddy Paws? Teach Your Dog to Wipe His Feet!

I love everything about spring. Well, except for one thing—the muddy paws!

Real Men Carry a Clicker

If dogs are man’s best friend, chances are that man is carrying a clicker! With the ever-increasing popularity of positive reinforcement training, more and more men are joining the throngs of pet owners and trainers who are abandoning their choke collars in favor of this humane, gentler training.

Teaching Your Puppy Impulse Control

Let’s face it, puppies are like toddlers -- when they want something, they want it NOW!

Dogs Like Kids They Feel Safe With

When you think about kid/dog pairs, Timmy and Lassie may come to mind. But if you have a dog or a child, you probably know that the two aren’t always a match made in heaven.