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How to Reward Calm Behavior

Most of us never consider rewarding our dogs when they are calm, but did you know that by not rewarding calm behavior you may be missing an important training opportunity?

5 Steps to Train Your Dog to “Go to Place”

What if instead of jumping around like a lunatic when the doorbell rings, your dog waits politely in a down position? Or, instead of circling the dinner table like a shark, your dog lies quietly in the other room? Training a dog to go to a specific place is one of the most useful behavior/skills/tasks/commands/accomplishments/lessons. In the following exercise from her bestselling book, Control Unleashed, Leslie McDevitt explains how you can teach your dog the command “go to place.”

Help Your Dog Keep His Cool!

Nothing beats an icy treat on a hot day, so why not give your canine some cool relief?

Laugh and Your Dog Laughs With You

Have you ever laughed at something silly that your dog did, only to have that behavior repeated again…and again…and again? This isn’t a coincidence.

Click and Cool: Karen Pryor’s Tips for Summer Fun with Your Pet

Finally—summertime and summer weather!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Dad’s Best Friend

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show thanks for all that Dad does.

Help for Leash Aggression

Do you have a dog that barks or lunges when encountering other dogs? Leash aggression is a very common behavior problem.

Muddy Paws? Teach Your Dog to Wipe His Feet!

I love everything about spring. Well, except for one thing—the muddy paws!