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Dog Bite Prevention Week: Dogs Don't Like Hugs


A different kind of love

Dog Bite Prevention Week: “Be a Tree”


Dogs and kids—and trees!

A(nother) Toast to My Mom, Karen Pryor, on Her 80th Birthday

Enjoy this enlightening and heartfelt letter that Karen's daughter, Gale Pryor, wrote in celebration of her mother's recent 80th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Karen Pryor!

Today is a special day to celebrate Karen Pryor, but for days and years she has given us so much to celebrate.

Happy Mother’s Day: Honoring Our Animal Moms

When we think of honoring moms on Mother’s Day, we think of human mothers. But, there are animal mothers, too. Do they have the same parent-child bond that humans do?

From Underdog to “Wonderdog”: A Tale of Two Winners

Out of the ashes of a heartbreaking story arises a heartwarming tale.

I Got Clicked By the Hotel!

Positive reinforcement abounds during ClickerExpo here at Nashville’s Sheraton Music City hotel. That’s a given.

Fun Games For Your Dog: Spin the Bottle!

Playing with your dog is a great way to build your dog’s confidence, provide mental stimulation, and strengthen your bond.