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How to Fit Dog Training Into a Busy Schedule

Training your dog every day can seem like a daunting task—as if you needed one more thing to do in your already busy life! Here's how you can fit training into your schedule every day.

Playing the Name Game

Attention defines a relationship. Without it, there is not much interaction.

Don’t Let Halloween Spook Your Pet

Halloween is lots of fun for kids, but many dogs will be confused or upset by kids in

Teach Your Dog to Bring a Bucket

Want to teach your dog to bring his bucket? It’s just another retrieve. Back-chaining is the key to making it simple

You Knew It: Dogs Have Feelings, Too

Science is showing what animal trainers, owners, and lovers have known forever: dogs feel some of the same emotions as humans.

Meet Your Match: Ten Tips for Choosing a Shelter Dog

It’s National Adopt-a-Dog Month! Dog adoption is a wonderful thing. There are many dogs in shelters and rescue organizations that will make wonderful lifelong companions.

10 Tips for Enjoying the Outdoors with Your Dog This Fall

With cooler temperatures, crisp air, and a colorful canopy of foliage, fall is the perfect season to enjoy the beautiful changing outdoor scenery.